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We enhance individial beauty with state-of-the-art technologies and personalized service. Our professional team is ready to provide the greatest service you’ve ever had.

Eyelash Extensions

All eyelash extension infills are 50% off of original price (within 14 days)

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Classic Single Lashes

Natural       $90.00

Medium      $100.00

Full             $110.00

Russian Volume set

Natural        $110.00

Medium       $130.00

Full               $150.00

Hybrid Mix Volume

Natural        $105.00

Medium       $125.00

Full             $140.00

Wispy Set lashes

Natural        $115.00

Medium      $130.00

Full             $160.00

Bottom lashes

Natural        $30.00

Medium       $45.00

Full              $60.00


From Missco    $10.00+

From other salons     $20.00+

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Eyelash Liftings

Price included lift + tint


Yumi Eyelash Lift (one session) $139
Yumi Eyelash Lift (Prepaid 2 sessions) $129
Yumi Eyelash Lift (Prepaid 3 sessions) $119


we offer nail repair with 7 days by unintensional damages


UV Gel (Single colour)

Nails                                   $65.00

Toes                                    $70.00

Extension/ Nail Tips(Single colour)

Full Cover Nail Tip               $95.00

Half Cover Nail Tip              $120.00

Builder Gel Extension            $125.00


UV Gel Removal

By Missco                            From $10.00

Other Salon                          From $15.00

Extension/Acrylic/Nail Tip Removal 

By Missco                           From $20.00

Other Salon                        From $25.00


Muti-colour/   Matte top          $10.00

Cat eyes                               $15.00

French nails                          $20.00

Blooming                      From $25.00

Nail art design/accessories From $2.00

Shaping only                         $20.00

Nail Reconstructions

Builder Gel                         From$30.00

Extra Hard Gel                           $10.00

Sothys Skincare

Ampoules Facial Treatment 60min $139.00
Seasonal Treatment 45min $129.00
Cryo Eye Treatment 45min $119.00

Korean Skincare

Basic Deep Cleasing 60min $100.00
Snow Therapy 75min $168.00

Trial Price                                              $138.00

Cherryblossom Therapy 75min $188.00

Trial Price                                              $138.00

Velvet Therapy 75min $168.00

Trial Price                                              $138.00

Amber-tree Pore Cleansing 75min $168.00

Trial Price                                              $138.00

Luxury Eye Treatment 60min $158.00

Trial Price                                              $118.00

活氧水护60min $168.00

Trial Price                                              $128.00

Semi-permanent makeup

Price included one session of free touch-up

Extra touch-up:

Touch-up within 3-6 months       20% off of original price

Touch-up within 6-12 months     50% off of original price


Ombre Power Eyebrows

Korean Brand         $550.00

German Brand       $620.00


Eyelash liner

Korean Brand         $400.00

German Brand       $430.00



Korean Brand         $450.00

German Brand       $480.00


Ombre Power Eyebrows + Eyelash Liner

Korean Brand         $850.00

German Brand       $950.00


Ombre Power Eyebrows + Eye Liner

Korean Brand         $900.00

German Brand       $1000.00


service image

Non-invasive Laser tattoo removal

Brows and Eyeliners Only


Single session $299.00
Muti-session(single colour) $798.00

unlimited times within 12 months-single colour

Muti-session (mixed colour) $949.00

unlimited times within 12 months-mixed colour

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Infills are recommended every 2 weeks to keep your lashes healthy, full and fluffy.To qualify for the infill service clients must have at least 50% off eyelash extensions left on each eye. Please make sure you follow the correct aftercare to ensure that you get the most out of your lashes. The cost for eyelash infills is 50% off of original price, infills must be done within 2 weeks.

There is no fixed sessions for eyebrow tattoo removals, it depends on how many times you had a semi-permanent brow make-up done and what colour and quality the pigment is. If there’s any scarring under the skin and how deep from the semi-permanent brow make-up was. Also how the colour bounces back after the first session. We will need to make an assessment after the first session to decide how many sessions are needed.

The touch-up or the follow-up session is within 4 to 12 weeks. We suggest clients take advantage of this complimentary touch up because the healing outcomes can’t be assured. We could add more density and definition during the touch-up session, and we can make further adjustments as needed.

All our nail services include cuticle cleaning, shaping, and overlay builder gel to strengthen the nail shape to prevent chipping and our gel manicures can last up to 4 weeks! We are specialised in all sort of trendy nail art. When you make an appointment with us ,please send us a photo of your nail design, chat with us for ideas or find inspiration from our Facebook or Instagram. This will help us to manage and estimate the duration for the nail service, so we can service the next customer on time. Price based on consultation.


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